Class Room

  • Interactive Classrooms. When our interest is aroused in something, whether it is an academic subject or a hobby, we enjoy working hard at it. Good teaching is nothing to do with making things hard. It is nothing to do with frightening students. It is everything to do with benevolence and humility; it always tries to help students feel that a subject can be mastered; it encourages them to try things out for themselves and succeed at something quickly. We set high standards for students. We also articulate clear goals. Students should know up front what they will learn and what they will be expected to do with what they know. 

24/7 Mind Room

  • Self-paced Learning. Easy Concepts uses a blended learning model that  incorporate self-paced learning inside their classrooms. To accomplish this, we are filming our lectures in short segments, creating presentations, creating flash cards, self explanatory illustrations and making them available on computers.
    There are many advantages to teaching this way. Self-pacing in the classroom allows students to view the material as many times as they need to understand the concepts. 

24/7 Test Room

  • Practice makes it perfect. At Easy concepts we have made tests and assessments completely automatic so that you can choose to take up revision tests from concept level to mock examination level at your will. We have created a database of more than 1000 examination questions in each subject clearly marked for each chapter and concept so that you can practice at your convenience. The machine  randomly generates question papers on its own so that students gets to solve as  many questions to be ready for any challenging examination.